Beth Wylde

Bi stories



Abigail is about to turn forty and she isn't very happy about it. Her husband, Dave, has something special planned to help make the occasion memorable, though it doesn't turn out the way he'd hoped. 

When surprise number one falls through, Dave plans something else. Little does he know that Abigail has planned her own surprise too. Together Dave and Abby, along with their best friends, Candice and Craig, give Abigail a Big 4-Oh! she'll never forget.


“SWING! Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers” Edited by Jolie Du Pré, and featuring a veritable WHO’S WHO of erotica authors!

An entire anthology of bi and swinging stories featuring work by:

Jacqueline Applebee; Neve Black; M. Christian; Jolie Du Pré; Amanda Earl; Jeremy Edwards; Rowan Elizabeth; Emerald; Michael Hemmingson; Jolene Hui; D. L. King; Keeb Knight; Randall Lang; Ashley Lister; M. Millswan; Claudia Moss; Alicia Night Orchid; Karmen Red; Rick R. Reed; TreSart L. Sioux; Donna George Storey; Tawanna Sullivan; Sage Vivant; Beth Wylde; Lara Zielinsky