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Welcome to  TwoLips Reviews  Anniversary Scavenger Hunt! 

We at  TwoLips Reviews couldn’t be prouder as we celebrate our second anniversary.  Our contest opens on September 1st and ends at midnight EST on September 30th.  Winners will be announced on October 5th on our Talking Two Lips chat group!

You must find all the authors icons, along with two hidden on, and mail them in one email to: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .  In order to have a valid entry, contestants must list all authors with the URLs of the icons, give full name and address, as well as their emails.  Please place “TwoLips Scavenger Hunt Entry” as the message of your email.  International contestants are welcome but will only be eligible for ebook prizes due to the high cost of mailing.

What can you win?  Go to our Talking TwoLips Yahoo Group and see!

Click here to join TalkingTwoLips

Here is what you are looking for:                                   


Our authors, publishers, and vendors have been extremely generous.  You can win ebooks, goodie bags, autographed books, gift certificates and more!  Good luck finding all the icons!

Author’s Name                             
Adriana Kraft                              
Aline de Chevigny                     
Amanda Burns                            
Amie Stuart                                              
Anastasia Rabiyah
Anne Rainey                                          
Ashley Ladd
Bekki Lynn                                
Beth Wylde                       
Bianca D’Arc         
Bonnie Rose Leigh            
Beth Williamson       
Brenda Williamson      
Cassidy McKay                   
Ciana Stone                          
Cindy Spencer Pape       
Claire Thompson           
Cynthia Eden              
Dakota Rebel           
Debbie Doggett       
Dee S Knight
Delilah Devlin                        
Denise Belinda McDonald            
Denise Skelton
Destiny Blaine                   
Diana Castilleja           
Elaine Cantrell                
Elizabeth Amber           
Elizabeth Black               
Ellen Ashe                       
eTreasures Publishing   
Felicia Forella                                     
Francis Drake                         
Isabelle Drake                        
Jamie Hill                                 
Jana Richards                         
Jane Leopold Quinn                          
Jennifer Campbell                  
Jennifer Cole                            
Jodi Lynn Copeland                           
Joey W Hill                                
Jon Michaelsen                      
Josh Lanyon                                          
Jude Mason                                 
Judith Rochelle
Julia Templeton                          
Kacey Smith                                       
Kate Hill
KyAnn Waters                            
LA Day                                         
Lee Silver                                
Linda Mooney                      
Marie Rochelle                            
Marilu Mann                                           
Marty Rayne                               
Melinda Barron                        
Mona Risk                                 
Mychael Black                           
Nalini Singh                                          
Nathalie Gray                               
Nicole Austin                                           
Nina Pierce                                  
Paige Tyler                                   
Qwillia Rain                                         
Rachel D Thompson                              
Rayne Forrest                                      
Renee Knowles                           
Regina Carlysle                                
Rowena Cherry                      
Savannah Chase                     
Selena Illyria                                        
Sierra Dafoe                                          
Sophia Danu                                            
Susan Lyons                                          
Tabitha Shay                                     
Teri Thackston                            
Tess McCall                                        
Tilly Greene                                             
Titania Ladley                       
TJ Killian                              
Tori Anne 
Tracy Goodwin
Please make it a point to stop, look, and add to your tbr piles during our hunt. Good luck and happy hunting from the  TwoLips Reviews contest team,
 Laura and Tina!

Torquere Press Scavenger Hunt

Who’s up for a Scavenger Hunt? For more info and direct links to all the authors visit:

Come on, folks! Get your hunting boots on and slap on some camouflage! To celebrate Torquere Press’ anniversary, we’ve gotten together with some of your favorite Torquere Press authors to create a Scavenger Hunt Contest! Visit each participating author’s webpage to collect clues, get them all correct and you could win a fabulous Kindle E-book reader loaded with Torquere Press books!

The Hunt is pretty simple. A list of participating authors and their websites can be found here at this page, beginning September 1, 2008.

Visit each site and search the pages for the Torquere Press button, which will feature a letter of the alphabet. Return to this page once you’ve collected ALL of the letters and fill the author names in next to the appropriate letter. One winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries. There will be one clue a day offered on the Torquere Press Travelling through Relationships- beginning September 1!
The contest will run from September 1 to September 30, 2008, starting and ending at 12:00 midnight CST.
Must be 18 to enter.
List of participating authors:

Beth Wylde
Addison Albright
Angela Benedetti
Mychael Black
James Buchanan
Laney Cairo
Alex Draven
Dakota Flint
Cassandra Gold
James Hogue
Misa Izanaki
Winnie Jerome
Jenna Jones
Cat Kane
Kiernan Kelly
Jourdan Lane
Kara Larson
Margaret Leigh
Clare London
Jay Lygon
Syd McGinley / Dr. Fell
Sean Michael
Zoe Nichols
Chris Owen
Jodi Payne
Cassidy Ryan
JM Snyder
Angelia Sparrow
Mel Spenser
Julia Talbot
Tory Temple
BA Tortuga
Stephanie Vaughan
AJ Wilde
GS Wiley
Laine Williams
Stevie Woods
Kit Zheng

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