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Excerpts contain adult content - to be viewed by readers 18 & up only!

A Little Taste of Red - (M/F erotic werewolf themed novella)
by: Beth Wylde 
Lance could hear Dalenna as she worked on Tinsel's leg. He kept his head down to avoid her gaze as she moved back and forth between the bed and the supply table. He knew his face was flushed and he didn't want her to see the reaction he was having to the human, plus it gave him the added bonus of being closer to Tinsel.

She was still nipping at his collarbone and playing with his hair, but her movements were slowing, as if she had finally succumbed to the medicine's effects. He worried about her falling asleep, but he worried even more about her remaining awake. He knew if she kept up her teasing bites, he'd forget himself and bite her back. The problem was that his bite would leave her with more than a permanent mark. She'd also inherit a permanent lifestyle change and a partner as well.

The urge to leave his imprint on her throat for the entire world to see was driving him crazy. There was just something about the petite woman beneath him that brought all his animal instincts into play. If he didn't get some time away soon, he wasn't going to be responsible for his actions.

The feel of a dainty hand cupping him between his legs forced a growl from deep in his throat. He rose up just enough to see Tinsel's face and was shocked by the sight that greeted him. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was drawn up in a seductive bow, like a naughty nymph indulging in a secret fantasy. She looked dreamy and content as she slowly stroked his shaft through his jeans. If she kept her movement up, Lance knew he was going to embarrass himself and come in his pants, something he hadn't done since he'd been an adolescent.

"Dalenna, hurry up!"

Lance turned his head and bit down on the pillow, praying his sister-in-law was almost done. The news that came along after his plea proved otherwise.

"I can't. I've encountered a serious problem and I'm going to need some help. Even then I can't promise she'll ever have use of her leg again. I'm going to call Twila and get her to come over. She's been taking classes at the community college and she's due to graduate this year with her BN in nursing. Hopefully she can offer me some suggestions. The break is just too severe for me to set regularly. Her kneecap has been completely dislocated and there are several small fractures in her lower leg as well. Our kind don't injure like this, so it's out of my league. If Twila can't help, then we'll have to wait for the drugs to wear off and then take her to the local hospital, though if they draw blood she's going to get in major trouble."

Lance was having a hard time comprehending Dalenna's explanation when all he really wanted to do was rip off the remainder of Tinsel's clothing and bury himself inside her. "Dalenna, I have to go out for a bit."

She moved up next to him, into his line of sight. "You can't get up yet. If she moves, she could undo all the work I've done. There's too much at stake for you to take a bathroom break right now. You'll have to hold it."

Someone else is holding onto it for me right now, and she's doing a real good job, too. Lance barked out a tight laugh as he bit his lip to keep himself from saying his current thought out loud. His sister-in-law thought he needed to pee, but it was much more important than that. "This is a bit more serious, Dalenna!" He gripped the sides of the bed in his large hands, squeezing until the cloth threatened to tear. His body wanted to thrust forward so badly, to give in to the pleasure and let her bring him to climax, while the human side of his brain told him it wasn't right to take advantage of Tinsel while she was under the influence of mind-altering chemicals. He knew the Green Dragon was strong, half a jar often put his kind to sleep for hours, but he'd never seen it used on a human before. He wondered if the illegal drugs used to make the brew reacted funny with a human’s chemistry.


She finally noticed his hands fisted in the bed sheets. "Lance, are you okay?"

He shook his head. "No, I'm not. I'm not trying to be difficult, but we've got a problem here and I'm talking about more than Tinsel's leg. Could the Green Dragon possibly be used as an aphrodisiac?"

"I don't know. Why?"

He sighed and raised his lower body just enough to let his sister-in-law see what Tinsel was doing to him down below.

"Good Lord. Has she been doing that the entire time?"

He nodded. "Just about. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I don't like it, but the consequences for her could be really bad if I don't go outside for a much-needed breather."

"Okay, let me get Thomas and then you can take a break."

As Dalenna rushed out of the room, Lance wanted to scream. Just the thought of his brother touching Tinsel made the hair on his neck stand at attention. If Thomas restrained her like this, Lance was sure a fight was going to break out. His inner beast had marked Tinsel as his property and with every passing moment, the bond grew stronger. The chances of Tinsel leaving alive and mortal were looking bleaker as time passed.

The Big 4-OH! - (m/f/f/m menage themed story)
by: Beth Wylde
I looked up to find my husband and one of his co-workers standing in the doorway staring at us with identical looks of shock on their faces. I had no idea how to respond to Dave's question because what Candice and I were doing seemed pretty self explanatory and I couldn't think of any other way to account for our actions without looking stupid. In the end I decided to keep quiet and shrank back down beneath my best friend, using her body as a shield to hide behind. As I slumped back against the sofa I counted off the seconds, waiting for Dave to go ballistic. After several moments of complete and total silence I worked up enough courage to face my husband for what I thought might be the last time. I expected to find him red with rage. Instead I peered over Candice's shoulder and found him flushed for a totally different reason.

His cheeks were tinted with a dark pink blush and though his eyes were focused in my general direction I noticed that his gaze kept straying downward towards Candice's ass. From the obvious tent in his khaki dress pants it looked like my birthday plans might be salvageable after all. Apparently his friend was just as aroused as Dave even though the bulge in his black slacks was a little bit less noticeable due to the fact that he had both hands crossed in front of himself in an effort to hide his rampant erection. 

Craig sighed loudly and gave my husband a clearly envious look. "I'll let myself out. It looks like your wife already has something arranged for her birthday." He patted Dave firmly on the shoulder. "You are one lucky son of a bitch. Good luck dude."

As he turned to walk off my husband did something totally unexpected. He grabbed Craig by the shoulder and pulled him to the side of the living room. Even though he was whispering his voice carried to where Candice and I were seated.

"Hold on a minute. Let me talk to Abigail and see what we can work out. There's no need for anyone to have to go home alone tonight."

Craig nodded and looked back over at the couch like a starving man eyeing an all-you-can-eat buffet. "I hear you, but if Abigail thinks four is a crowd then I understand. Don't get me wrong though. I wouldn't mind sticking around to watch her blow out the candles, if you know what I mean."

After overhearing their conversation I slowly realized why Dave had brought Craig home with him. It was the same reason I'd invited Candice over. He'd been planning a threesome for my birthday too, just with someone else in mind as our third. Since my hubby has never been intimate with another man it made his arrangements seem so much more heartfelt than mine were. In an instant the entire evening took on a whole new view and I figured that if three promised to be fun then four would probably be even better.

I reached down and took Candice by the shoulders, urging her to scoot herself higher up on my body until we mimicked the standard missionary position. We were lacking some very important equipment at the moment to complete the actual act of intercourse but with two extremely virile looking men standing just a few feet away the possibilities for enjoyment seemed endless. She gave me a wicked grin and I realized she'd overheard Dave's suggestion as well and was willing to go along with whatever I felt comfortable with. At the moment I was feeling extremely comfortable. 

I gave her ass a squeeze and raised my lips up to meet hers. "How about a kiss sweetheart?"

She gave me a flirty wink and descended on me with a lip lock that made my toes curl. It looked like my party was back on after all.

Switching Sides - (F/F erotica themed story)
by: Beth Wylde

I leaned forward, keeping my eyes open until the last moment and focused directly on Kara. Her pupils dilated slightly in shock, and then appreciation, as our mouths met.
The first few kisses were chaste and timid. I was exploring totally uncharted territory and felt very unsure about what I was doing. Kara noticed my hesitancy and took control. Her eagerness to dominate aroused me immediately and dissolved the last of my inhibitions. When her tongue slid across my lips I threw myself headlong into the kiss. I wasn't disappointed with my decision.
I've kissed lots of guys, and enjoyed most of them, but what Kara was doing to my mouth felt almost obscene. I was so hot I couldn't sit still. I rocked forward in my seat and Kara's hand pressed back against me, teasing and stroking me until I wanted to scream. I arched my back and broke away with a gasp. I was on fire and I needed to cum so badly I was about to beg for it. Sudden applause halted my plea though and as I looked around I noticed all eyes were on us. My face reddened in embarrassment but Kara just looked pleased. She threw a twenty on the table, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of the restaurant behind her. 
 Once outside I started to question my actions until we rounded the corner and she pulled me into the alley, pushing me up against the wall of the bar. There was nothing restrained about our kiss this time. She plundered my mouth while her hands stayed busy on the rest of my body. I felt like I was going to shatter at any minute. My knees were weak and I was afraid I'd fall but Kara tightened her grip on my upper arms and pressed her body against mine to help hold me upright. Her hands slid under my tank top to caress my breasts as her knee wedged in between my legs. When she moved her thigh back and forth I cried out. 
 “Oh God!”
“That's it,” she urged as her hands dropped to my waist and encouraged me to rock against her. “Ride me. Show me how you like it.”
I was grinding back actively now, aching for a release that was just out of my reach when she pulled back suddenly enough that I almost screamed. 
“My roommate has gone home for the weekend.”
It took me a moment to realize what she was asking. She wanted me to go back to her room with her and there was no doubt in my mind about what would happen if I did. I didn't even need to think it over.
 Her lush lips parted in a sultry smile and before I knew it we were running down the sidewalk hand in hand. We stopped in front of a stunning red Corvette and as she pulled the keys out of the front pocket of her skintight jeans I realized I was more interested in admiring her figure than looking at the gorgeous car. 
 She was tall and thin, with legs that looked incredibly long and a nice curvy ass. Her skin was a deep bronze color and her dark brown hair hung in waves down her back. The crop top she was wearing showed off her small breasts which were obviously unrestrained by a bra, something that my thirty-eight D's could never do without. She had a beautifully flat stomach and out of the corner of my eye I noticed the twinkle of a rhinestone barbell piecing her navel. I had the urge to run my hands over her rear and decided to do so as she bent over to unlock my door.
She gave me a heated look over her shoulder and I nearly ignited on the spot. She opened the door and I dove inside, eager to get back to the business at hand.

Alpha-Omega - (M/M themed paranormal short story)
by: Beth Wylde & Cassandra Gold

His teeth grew sharper and as I watched in fascination he leaned forward and bit me right on the shoulder.

I yelled, "You fucker!" Then I bit him back.

He gasped in surprise and let go of my collarbone. "Adam, what the fuck has gotten into you? Get off me before I kick your ass."

I pulled back and looked him dead in the eyes, knowing I was challenging his authority and not caring the least little bit. "You can try."

His growl this time was much louder than the first, and he hauled off and kicked me. I spun about two feet away and immediately jumped to my feet, tearing off my boxer shorts in preparation for the change. Shaun had just finished shedding his shirt and was working on his pants when I dropped down on all fours and shifted partway into my lion form, keeping my body more human than animal except for my sharp teeth and long, retractable claws. My dick was hard as stone from the fight and I was more determined than ever to get Shaun below me for a quick fuck. I knew it would have to be quick. Shaun didn’t look like he was willing to lie down and let me ravish him. The idea that I would have to take what I wanted left me even harder.

Shaun flung his jeans and underwear across the floor, doing his own partial shift at the same time. He was the Alpha for a reason, and I noticed he had a raging erection as well. It looked like we were both enjoying the fight, he just didn’t realize it yet. I decided to bring it to his attention.

First I would have to get him under me, which would be tricky even if he wasn’t pissed off and half-shifted. To confuse him, I feinted toward the right. On any normal day Shaun wouldn’t have been fooled for a second, but he actually went for it. Taking advantage of his momentary lapse of attention, I came in from the left and tackled him. We fell to the bed in a tangle of arms and legs and warm, naked skin.

At first, Shaun seemed too surprised to struggle. After a moment, however, he resumed fighting me with a vengeance. "What the fuck?" he snarled at me, so angry he could barely get the words out.

Using his attempts to buck me off as an excuse, I rubbed myself against him. Despite our struggle, or maybe because of it, he was rock hard. He stilled as I did another long, slow grind. A strange sound halfway between a hiss and a moan escaped him, and his eyes narrowed. They’d gone gold, showing how out of control he’d become. The sight of those eyes made me hot. The scent of our arousal made me even hotter. I had to touch him. Reaching down, I gripped his dick. My grip was a lot firmer than I normally would have used, but I didn’t think the sound that escaped him was pain. To test my theory, I stroked him several times, roughly.

Shaun moaned, his head falling back onto the bed. I knew I had to press my advantage. Continuing to jack him with one hand, I used the other to tilt his face toward me for a bruising kiss. I forced my tongue between his lips, mimicking what I wanted to do to him somewhere a little lower.

Shaun lay stiff and frozen for a few tense moments, and then he began to kiss me back, thrusting into my hand. "You want me?" he murmured against my lips. "Try and take me then."

Love on the Line - (F/F erotic short story)
by: Beth Wylde

     "I was thinking about you earlier."
     "You were?" Her voice was husky, barely above a whisper, and the change in tone made me anxious and achy.
     "Yeah, I was." My next sentence was risky but I was too aroused to concern myself too much over her reaction. The possibility of engaging in some heated phone sex while we were apart was something I needed more than a good night’s sleep,
and hearing her talk naughty to me was one of my favorite forms of foreplay. "I was in the shower. The water was warm and I was covered in soap. I was leaning up against the wall, just letting the spray pound down over me,
and wishing you were there to scrub my back."
     I heard her suck in a deep breath over the line,
and I shivered in anticipation. I hoped Tasha was willing to play along. Her response would tell me for sure if she was up to it or not. I wasn’t disappointed. "God Libby, I can picture you in my mind. Standing there, with your long brown hair hanging near your waist, all covered suds and bent over slightly with your ass in the air. You always like the water extra hot and it makes your skin turn the prettiest shade of pink." Her next question was so quiet I almost missed it. "Can I ask you something?"
     "Anything." My voice was deep and breathy,
and I sounded as horny as I felt. She paused so long I thought she would stop the conversation altogether. I was so wrong.
     "Did you touch yourself?"
     I was so shocked it took me a moment to answer. "Yes, I did. I imagined it was you. I wanted it to be you."
     "Oh shit. Are you as turned on as I am right now?"
     "Even more so,
I’ll bet. You know I love it when you talk dirty to me."
     "I know but it’ll only leave us both frustrated if we start something we can’t finish."
     "I’m not so sure about that. If you keep talking I’m almost guaranteed to get off."
     Her voice showed her surprise. "You really like it that much?"
     "Mmm, yes. Does knowing that excite you?"
     "Yes. I love the sounds you make when we have sex. You squeal,
and bite your lip and try so hard to be quiet,
but in the end you always end up screaming. It makes me want to tie you down and ravish you for days just to hear you yell my name."
     The temperature in the room shot up a thousand degrees. I turned on the ceiling fan but it did absolutely nothing to cool me down. Only an orgasm would give me what I needed to calm the burn currently raging between my thighs.
     I pulled my shirt away from my chest, fanning it back and forth in an attempt to bring myself some relief,
even though I knew the effort was futile. Finally, I just took the damn thing off. I decided to get things going again by letting Tasha know what I’d just done. "I’m lying down on the couch. I got so hot I had to take my shirt off. I’m not wearing a bra."
     She moaned in response. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
     "Yes. I need to. I want you so bad. I have to come or I’m going to go insane."
     "I wish I could see you right now."
     "Do you know what you’d see?"
     "Tell me."


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