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Below you will find descriptions and links to known review sites where authors can submit their books for reviews:

The Long and Short of It
The Long and the Short of It hopes to contribute to the Romantic Fiction world in a positive way.  Our philosophy is:  If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
The Long and the Short of It consists of two segments. LASR is our non-erotic site and Whipped Cream is our site for erotic romance. Both sites strive to bring you the best in Romantic Fiction. You will find author interviews, free short stories, contests and fun activities in both segments. Please note, our Whipped Cream segment is reserved for readers aged eighteen or older, because of the adult content of that segment.
You'll only find positive reviews in the reviews sections of each segment. This doesn't mean we like everything we read -- far from it.  What it does mean is, we only post reviews of those books we like.  There are enough reviews sites and various blogs that are "snarky" or negative.  We do not choose to be one of them.
Our policy:  If we have a book or story submitted to us for review, and the first reviewer doesn't like it, it is reassigned to another reviewer.  If that reviewer doesn't like it, it is forwarded to one of the owners of this site.  If we agree with their assessment, an email will be sent to the author or publisher, declining to review their story.
We strive to be both honest and positive and hope that this resonates with you. 
We also have Yahoo groups for both Whipped Cream and LASR where we offer Q&A days for our interviewed authors and free Saturday chats for publishers and authors.
To request any of our services please email us at

The Muse Book Reviews:
The Muse Book Reviews welcomes published books from new and seasoned writers. Although print books are preferable, ebooks/PDFs will also be considered. For more information on our affiliated award-winning site,
Enchanting Reviews:
Welcome to Enchanting Reviews, where our reviews are as enchanting as the books we read.  We are your 'Romantic Element Reviewers' - any book that has a romantic element in it, even if it is not a "typical romance", is up for review. Authors such as Charlaine Harris, Carrie Vaughn, Stephanie Rowe, MaryJanice Davidson and Laurell K Hamilton comprise some of what we have reviewed. We are dedicated to romance in all of its stages and many forms, including erotica, inspirational, and young adult.  Visit our site to see our reviews, contest information, and chat schedule.  Visit our Rave Reviews page to see a list of the books our reviewers loved and you just might end up with a new favorite author!
Enchanting Reviews is on the hunt for a few good reviewers to join our team.  Do you like to read romances and wish you could tell the author how much you enjoyed their work? Here is your chance! Are you an author yourself and want some additional exposure? If either of these fits you, why not join our review team? If you have ever told a friend about a book you loved or hated, you have what it takes to be a reviewer.  To be a part of this new and exciting adventure, please send an email to
We are also looking for new books to review.  Please send our review coordinator, dawn, an e-mail at  Authors - if you are looking for a well rounded place to have your book reviewed by fellow authors and fans of romance, please drop us a line or visit our website and send us a message from the CONTACT page.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a review from every request we receive.  When you send a query, please include TITLE, AUTHOR, PUBLISHER, GENRE, RELEASE DATE, PRICE, NUMBER OF PAGES, and BOOK BLURB.  We will send your review request out to our reviewers and once we have a reviewer wanting to read your book, we will contact you personally.  It typically takes six weeks from the time the reviewer receives the book for a final review to be mailed to you for approval to post on our website.  Thanks and hope to see you at Enchanting Reviews soon!

Manic Readers

Feeding the Addiction!

At Manic Readers we are dedicated to feeding the addiction! Bringing honest, professional reviews is only one way we plan to accomplish that goal. Our reviewers are readers like you. They live, eat, and breathe to read! We want to offer our readers a variety of books to choose from in an interesting mix of ebook and print alike.

There are plenty of review sites on the internet, but at Manic Readers, we'll skip all the fluff and get straight to the point. Even though we will not be able to review every book we receive, we will make every attempt to review a wide variety of authors and publishers. With Manic Readers, it's not about quantity, it's about quality.

*Request a Review*
Manic Readers wants your books! All heat levels, all genres, all lengths are welcome. Send a .pdf copy of your book to:

 If you have a print release you can mail an ARC to:

Manic Readers

2965 Taylor Road S. W.

Suite 210

Reynoldsburg, Ohio  43068 

*Official Go-live Date*

Manic Readers official go-live date will be sometime in Feb. 2008! However, we are currently doing reviews and interviews now. I invite you to visit Manic Readers and browse our site. If you’d like to be a more active part of Manic Readers, you can register and become a member. Members can comment on all the books we review and will be invited to enter special Members Only contests!

 Join our Manic Readers Yahoo! Group Today:

Speak Its Name is the only review site dedicated purely to Gay Male Historical Fiction. We want to encourage the genre which is small but growing steadily. We attempt to list every single gay historical written, on THE LIST and we are always looking for more to add to The List. So if you've written a novel with gay protagonists that is set pre-Stonewall/Wolfenden, we want to hear from you.

Night Owl Romance

Reviews, Excerpts, Author News, Videos, Chats, Yahoo Group, Romance, Erotica and much more

Night Owl Romance provides romance and erotic book industry information to readers and writers.  We do this via our reviews, excerpts, postcards, interviews, author spotlights, author chats, lists and much more.  We let readers know what is on the shelf, along what will be coming soon.  Anyone can sign-up for our newsletter that provides updates, contest information and invites. We provide a searchable review database.  Only a couple other romance review sites have this service.  As of January 2008 we are doing around 150 reviews per month.  Authors can be interviewed, added to our author directory and add books to the coming soon list.

Here are some links to our most used services:

Night Owl Romance Homepage:

Romance Homepage:

Erotica Homepage:

Review Search:


Book Flicks:

Yahoo Group:

Message Board:

Newsletter Sign-up:

We are also always interested in new reviewers. If you're interested and have the qualifications please email us for details –

Rainbow Reviews strives to provide honest and intelligent reviews for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender
We have a Yahoo! group where readers and authors can interact, and authors can promo their books on Mondays.  The group is at

Sage Fire Reviews
Phenomenal Book Reviews for Extraordinary Books
.  Posted reviews are in the Idaho Library Association review format, which includes a synopsis, impression, and citations.  This is because the bi-monthly notice of revision is emailed to Northwest libraries, newspapers, and publishers.
The Sage Fire Reviews web site is published by NBCC critic and author M.D. Johnson on a bi-weekly basis. Policy of the site is not to discriminate on genre, sexuality, or print venue.  Please visit the site to see if we fit in with your marketing needs.  Guest reviewers are always welcome.  We Currently need guest reviewers for Regency, Erotica, and Non-Fiction. publishes novel-length romance, woman's fiction, mystery/thriller, science fiction and fantasy--and we also review books in the same genre. We are open to review submissions from both traditional and
small publishers and are proud to give readers a look at some of the best that's available today. For the most part, our reviews are positive--because our reviewers don't bother finishing most books they don't enjoy, and submitting is no guarantee that a book will be reviewed. We prefer to review books that have been published recently although we will, occasionally, review an older book.
For readers, we believe that we review many of the best in current fiction--both from best-selling authors and from authors you might not yet have discovered.
For the latest in Romance/Woman's Fiction reviews, check For the latest Mystery/Thriller reviews check For the latest in Science Fiction and Fantasy check
Rob Preece
Romance Junkies    Romance Junkies is listed in the May 2007 issue of Writer's Digest and one of the 101 Best Web Sites.  And in April of 2006 they had over a million hits.  They review romances of all kinds.  Paranormal, contemporary, intrigue, suspense, futuristic historical, inspirational, erotic.

Two Lips Reviews
TwoLips Reviews opened its doors on August 7, 2006 with the firm belief that people could benefit from using women’s erotica as training manuals or even self-help books. When women start using their two lips to communicate, great things happen. TwoLips Reviews averages 225 reviews a month and a half a million web hits per month."
Readers can find reviews here (with the site being updated daily):
Authors submitting review requests can send them our Review Coordinator at - please include book title, author name, genre, book length, and blurb.  The full submissions policy is located here:
We have a Yahoo group, Talking TwoLips, that allows unlimited promos on Mondays.  Here is the link:
If anyone wants to schedule a chat (message board or live chatroom), the email address for our Chat Liaison is
To request an interview, the email address for our Interview Coordinator is
To purchase ad space, apply to become an editor or reviewer (we have special perks for authors), or to ask any general questions, please send an email to

Erotica Revealed
We review erotica: straight to GLBT, vanilla to BDSM.
We review e-books as well as print. Our emphasis is on
treating erotica as a valid literary pursuit, and
holding it up to the same standards as literary


Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (ASIM) accepts print speculative fiction (SF, Fantasy and Horror and the various subgenres) novels for review. Reviews are published in either the print and PDF bi-monthly magazine, or at the website at Reviews from the website are often syndicated to the reviews website ASif!  Erotica is okay, as long as there’s a hefty speculative fiction element.

Futures MYSTERY Anthology Magazine
http://www.fmam. biz/index. shtml

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Blue City Romance:
Reviews mostly romance, hence the name, but the genre can be erotic, sweet, gay or lesbian. Contact them through city_romance to discuss a possible review.

Red Roses For Authors was set up to review romance books.  We like to review new authors if we can, because we know how hard it is to get reviews unless you already have a name.  We review and interview authors and we have Featured Authors and also the Christmas Awards.  For the Christmas Awards the reviewers choose the books they have liked best and then we invite readers to vote for their favourite.  The awards were for short and full length books last year.  This year I think we may have more categories.  The winner receives a small prize to keep as a keepsake of their win.
The email address to send reviews is at the website.

Lillian Porter
My blog site is a review site for mysteries and thrillers.  That includes paranormal mystery and thrillers as well as glbt mysteries and thrillers.  It is called Blood Stained Book Reviews.  I also post reviews on several mystery lists.  They are 4MA ( for mystery addicts) mysteryreadercafe, femmystery list, womeninmystery list.  All of these lists are on Yahoo.  Also Paranormal Mystery list, Mystery list, suspense  and thriller list, Book Chat, on Shelfari.  I also post reviews on Goodreads as well.
To contact me by email about a review:

Ron Berry
contact regarding genre and content.