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05/28/2008 Entry: "e-Book Review: Switching Sides"

Switching Sides
Written by Beth Wylde
Published by Torquere Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-60370-344-4
ISBN-10: 1-60370-344-6

Review by Linda Yau

Elizabeth enjoys sex with men, and is determined to sleep with her date. The only problem that occurred was when he hightails it out of the bar-restaurant after Elizabeth made her intentions clear. Confused, Elizabeth sits at the bar, barely able to afford for the drinks when Kara approaches her. She is a neighbor of Elizabeth's. What follows is a night of intense fiery passion that made Elizabeth realizes that she may not like men as much as she use to.

This is clearly smut erotica in about 27 pages. Elizabeth toward the beginning of the night is the submissive in this story, dominated by Kara, the clearly experienced one. However, as the night lengthens, Elizabeth shows Kara a thing or two.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of this story, such as what would be the reactions of the people who knew Elizabeth before she slept with Kara and then afterwards. Still this is a pretty steamy story.

Review by Rainbow Reviews

Lesbian Book Reviews/Erotica

TITLE: Switching Sides
AUTHOR: Beth Wylde
ISBN: 978-1-60370-344-4
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press


A young college student learns her sexual identity might be a lot more pleasurable than she ever believed.

Our narrator Elizabeth, a college coed, introduces us in 1st person to her first Lesbian encounter, a definite watershed experience for a girl who has been changing guys faster than her underwear since age sixteen. She doesn’t come across as very self-analytical, so it’s entirely possible that she really doesn’t realize she’s gay, until the latest guy (so not a hunk, she says) abandons her on the 3rd date, in a gay club, where she’s picked up by Kara, a fellow college student.

Kara is all Lesbian and proud of it, and indeed she’s set up the date at the gay club because she thought the narrator was Lesbian and concealing it. Whether she is or not, the narrator discovers a whole new world of sensual pleasure in Kara’s caring.

Definitely steaming in the sensual and spicy sense, "Switching Sides" doesn’t present a lot of character evolution. However, for light bedtime reading and titillation, it works really well.

Review by Frost's Fancy


Review by Enchanting Reviews:

by author

Gay-Lesbian/ Contemporary

Rating: 5 enchantments

Elizabeth is a frustrated college student who is tired of the jerks she has been dating lately. The latest jerk turned out not to be a jerk at all, and he brings Elizabeth the best thing she could have asked for, Kara Nouveau.

Kara is and has been a lover of women for a very long time now, and through serious manipulations, she has a chance at the woman of her dreams, and for a real relationship. Now if only she can convince Elizabeth?

Switching sides is told in first person and written so well that you experience each mind blowing and earth shattering feeling Elizabeth does. Beth Wylde has created a lovely tale of one woman finally finding herself and meeting the Lover of her dreams. The sex, though vividly told, never gets too vulgar or distasteful and strawberries will have a whole new meaning for anyone daring enough to read this loving tale.


Enchanting Reviews 

The Muse Book Reviews:


Switching Sides

By Beth Wylde

Girl meets boy - Boy dumps girl - Girl meets girl



Frustrated by rejections and excuses by men, college student Elizabeth finds herself warming up to the sexual advances of Kara Nouveau in Beth Wylde's "Switching Sides".


The story, told in first person point of view by Elizabeth, allows a reader to feel the awakening and exploration of this new sensation along with the main character.


Beth Wylde’s lesbian romance is charged with a night’s passionate journey into one woman’s experience discovering how two people can truly connect in more than one way.


If you’re searching for a read loaded with non-stop sexual passion and release, then Switching Sides is the book for you.


Lea Schizas – Muse Book Reviewer
Switching Sides

Elizabeth goes through more men on her college campus than some people go through underwear and finds herself mostly unfulfilled. When she learns that her newest flame Brad is gay, she’s about ready to throw in the towel.

Kara, fellow art student, wants Elizabeth and she believes Elizabeth’s gay as well, or at least bi-sexual. Why else does she go through so many dates so quickly if not to hide that fact?

Meeting Kara at a gay bar was not in Elizabeth’s plans, but after watching Brad leave her there, Kara decides to come on to Elizabeth in hopes that her intuition is correct. Will Elizabeth accept Kara’s invitation for a night of pleasure and more? Or will she deny her very self?

Switching Sides is a very entertaining, quick read. Both women are very attractive in their own rights, and their own characteristics easily complement the other. I enjoyed Kara’s dominance and the sensual equality of Elizabeth once she allowed her inner lesbian woman to break free. The eroticism between the two was sizzling and compelling. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of the first person narrative, but thankfully, that proved to not be a distraction. After reading the story, I’m sure that readers will agree with me that Switching Sides is a wonderfully saucy read.

Reviewed by: Bella
May Review

**** Excellent  
Title: Switching Sides
Genre: Short Story - Lesbian Erotica
Author -  
Beth Wylde

Switching Sides by Beth Wylde

Elizabeth is the party girl on campus who cannot keep a man.  Her latest boyfriend turns out to be gay. So what’s a girl to do to find true love?

Kara holds nothing back and goes after Elizabeth full force. Can she convince her that she has something better to offer than any man?

After a long, hot night together Kara and Elizabeth decide that being together is what they both want.

Beth Wylde
Fiction, Erotic Romance
Reviewed by
Peter Rosier (TCM reviews)
Switching Sides is a Lesbian romance charting the seduction of a hitherto straight but sexually highly-charged college girl right into a Sapphic lover's arms.  First time and seduction stories often make especially interesting themes and this is no exception. It is hot and explicit but tender, too.

I can see it appealing to male readers but I hope that women will read this one, too.  It contains some good pointers as to why some may prefer Sapphic affairs and demonstrates how tender these may be.
Review by erotic Escapades
Switching Sides by Beth Wylde
Category:  Contemporary/ Non-Traditional Sexualities
Rating: 4

Elizabeth is enjoying the sexual freedom of college life.  However, keeping a steady boyfriend is becoming harder and harder.  While on a date with a new guy, she meets Kara Nouveau.  Kara approaches Elizabeth offering her a new sexual experience.  Elizabeth has never thought about having sex with a girl, but Kara’s seductive caresses leave her trembling for more.  Embarking on a night of uncontrollable passion, these two lovers find the love of a lifetime.  

Beth Wylde’s
Switching Sides
is a heart pounding story filled with passion and love.  Kara awakens Elizabeth to unbelievable sexual satisfaction while showing her sex and love can come from the same person.  I look for ward to reading more of Ms. Wylde’s books in the future.    
(Review by Ophelia @ Erotic Escapades)


Switching Sides by Beth Wylde

Elizabeth has just gotten back to her dorm room after a night she will never forget.  Before she goes to bed for some much needed sleep, she just has to write in her diary about her night.  The evening started with a disastrous date, but while trying to figure out what happened, Elizabeth is joined by Kara whom she knows slightly from shared classes.  Kara wastes no time in letting Elizabeth know that she wants her, but isn’t sure if Elizabeth will share her passion.  One kiss starts the night of firsts for Elizabeth and she is determined to never go back.

Elizabeth and Kara are young college students who meet at a local hang out near the college.  The erotic night that they share is so well written that it drew me right into Elizabeth’s experiences with her.  While I realize that the subject matter can be controversial, I found that the characters and their passion for each other is so well presented that I found it very enjoyable.  If you have not read any female/female stories but are willing to try one, I would highly recommend this story as a great one to start with.

JERR (Just Erotic Romance Reviews)

Switching Sides
By Beth Wylde
Reviewer: Tasha Fischer
Rating: 4
Heat Level: S

Elizabeth is a woman that is use to getting any guy she wants, until tonight; she discovers that the one that she wants in gay and she's in a gay bar. Now a whole new world is about to open for her with the help of Kara Nouveau. Elizabeth can finally find love; all she has to do is switch sides.

(Realms of Love Review)
Switching Sides by Beth Wylde (3.5 crowns)

Elizabeth goes through boyfriends at high speed. Sometimes she is the one to leave; sometimes it’s her boyfriends who do. In truth, she simply has not found what she is searching for. Could the problem have been that she was searching for what she needs with the wrong people?

Kara is open about loving women. She makes a seductive invitation to unlucky-in-love Elizabeth and opens the latter’s eyes to new horizons.

Though generally well written, the plot left something to be desired.  However, the tenderness between the two characters was sweet.

“Switching Sides” by Beth Wylde revolves around the one-night sexual awakening of Elizabeth by her lesbian lover, Kara Nouveau.  The sex is very explicit and will offend readers not interested in female/female relationships.   

Reviewed by Anne