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I am leaving the reviews for Full Moon Madness up on the site, even though the book is no longer available for purchase, because it was my first ever published work and I am still very proud of it. 

Title: Full Moon Madness
Author:Beth Wylde

Blurb: Bryan is a policeman who loves his job. A man totally devoted to his family -- until a nearly fatal accident changes his life forever. Now in order to protect those he loves he feels that he may be forced to leave his wife and young daughter behind. However his wife decided to put in a monkey wrench into his plans.

After she discovered her husband’s plans to leave, Tara decides to confront him. In a battle of wills the truth behind his deception is revealed. Tara thought she was hallucinating the moment she saw both her husband and another officer transform into creatures of legend right before her very eyes. Werewolves! As Bryan fights for his wife’s life, Tara realizes that what she is seeing is real. To make matters worst, she discovers that she too has been infected with the werewolf virus as well.

As Tara come to terms with the new changes in her life, she finds herself in a fight not only for her life but the very life of her daughter. Now she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family alive and safe. Will she succeed is the question.

Review:A 5 Pink Hats Off Salute!
I love a good werewolf story and "Full Moon Madness" by Beth Wylde was great! I could have wished for a longer story but what I got was enough to wet my appetite for anymore books by Beth Wylder.

Bryan is a policeman who loves his wife Tara, but he has a secret that he hasn't told her. While on duty six months ago he was bitten by a werewolf, and as you can imagine this has made for a complicated life. However, he is soon the Alpha of the pack and the previous Alpha wants revenge. Tara is captured and assaulted by the ex-leader and once she is rescued, Bryan has some fast talking to do. But Bryan had accidentally bitten Tara the morning before her capture during a bout of lovemaking, and now Tara is infected. From here the story just gets better. I hope there is more of this type of book by Beth Wylde as I will be happy to add her books to my to-be-read pile. I think that is the best recommendation I can give.

Reviewed by: TRW

Full Moon Madness

Bryan loves his wife and daughter with all his heart and soul. He is willing do whatever it takes to keep them out of harm’s way. So, after Bryan wakes up from a hellish nightmare with his hands tightly wrapped around his wife’s throat, Bryan knew he needed to leave his family as soon as possible. However, before could proceed with his plans, his wife Tara, puts up a fight and demands he stays with her so they can conquer the problem together.

Tara knows that something is deeply disturbing her husband Bryan. Six months ago he almost lost his life in a near death accident on his job as a police officer. Every since that fatal night, Bryan has never been the same. Instead of allowing Bryan to break up their happy home, Tara decides to confront him head on and to learn the true reasoning behind his need to abandon them. Tara is shocked beyond belief once she discovers the truth behind Bryan’s mysterious behavior and to make matters worse, now she has become tangled up in Bryan’s secret life. Will Tara be successful in her new way of life or will she hate Bryan for what he did?

I found Full Moon Madness by Beth Wylde an intriguing, thrilling read. Readers please note horrible things happens to Tara that you might find a little disturbing; however, these events along with the support of her loving pack-leader husband Bryan, mold Tara into a true, powerful alpha-type female werewolf determined to defeat the evil villain who caused her pain. With that said, this novel is swarming with kick-butt action that is sure to cause great excitement. The sexual encounters between Bryan and Tara are raw and lustfully passionate. If you would like to explore a good werewolf read, then pick up Full Moon Madness. You will not be displeased!

Reviewed by: Contessa


Full Moon Madness


Beth Wylde




Full Moon Madness is my first tale by Beth Wylde, though after finishing it, I am sure it will not be my last. Currently Beth has only one other story available, Switching Sides, a short lesbian novella in the third Red Silk Diaries anthology, but she does have more works in the pipeline. Currently a stand alone, Full Moon Madness has the potential to be developed into a great series, though at present the author gives no indication that this is her intent.

Full Moon Madness is an electrifying read and kept my eyes riveted to the screen. Though not for the faint of heart, this is a simply superb paranormal novella that I am glad I took the time to devour – I think you will be too when you also read this great tale, as you should. Make no mistake, Ms Wylde has a way of putting a story together that has a little of everything: high emotions, steamy sex, suspense, some violence and a tad of the paranormal, all coming together to make one fabulous, fast-paced read.

Tara's life had been perfect up until six months ago. She had had a devoted husband, Bryan, and a wonderful four year old little girl. Then Bryan was shot in the line of duty, and he hasn't been the same since. Their relationship is not what it used to be. He's more distant, unwilling to share himself, but she still loves him as much as she ever did. Awaking from a nightmare one night, she is concerned when she notes Bryan also in the throes of struggling with his own night terrors – until she finds his hand wrapped around her throat, squeezing the very breath from her. Then her concern becomes her very life. When he wakes in the nick of time, he's horrified and determined to leave, without explanation or justification. Just like that, this once gentle and loving man is going to throw away their marriage. Tara cannot allow him to do that. But even she is unprepared for the secrets Bryan has been keeping from her, or the consequences these secrets are to have on her own life. The reality of Bryan's existence is brutally forced on Tara, but she is determined to pull through for the sake of her family. Revenge is sweet, and protecting one's own is all important. Will Tara manage either?

Full Moon Madness has proven to be a stunning story that captured my attention from the get go and didn't release me until it was ready to. Much in the story came as a complete surprise, largely because the author, Ms Wylde, has a talent for keeping her plot secret from her readers until ready to reveal all, but also because the publisher does not advise us/the reader of the violence or rape contained herein (*frown*). Full Moon Madness is a rapid paced novella with a dash of everything, including suspense, hot sex, werewolves and much more. Please be warned that whilst this tale is sure to get your heart pounding and keep your gaze firmly affixed to the screen, it is not for everyone. There are multiple scenes of violence, some of which result in murder. There is also a brutal rape, though there is also consensual sex which is de-li-cious. All of this does get described, rather than glossed over, so if you cannot bear to read this then sadly you'd best give this tale a wide birth. There is nudity and some sex in front of other individuals, which is all part of being a werewolf. If you're willing to risk it, like myself (although I didn't know any of this was coming and at first was a bit taken aback), you should find yourself enjoying a novella that is so much more than it's length or synopsis promises and I doubt you'll regret picking up this fabulous tale.

Reviewed By Elizabeth
September 2006

Full Moon Madness
by Beth Wylde

3.5 Magical Wands

Reviewed by TeeBee

Tara awakes from a nightmare to discover that she's not the only one having a bad dream - her SWAT-team husband, Bryan, has his hands gripped around her throat, and he's snarling at her to leave his wife and child alone. He wakes, at the last minute; only tell her that in the morning he'll be leaving 'for a few days'.

Tara can't understand what's going on. Bryan's behaviour makes no sense at all, and just as they seem on the brink of having a proper discussion his pager sounds, calling him to an emergency at work. Several hours later, her worst fears come true when a pair of uniformed officers arrive on her doorstep, announcing that Bryan has been killed. She's escorted to their car, and it's at that point that everything she thought she knew about the world starts to fall apart at the seams…

This is an interesting were-wolf tale, with a SWAT-team cast and context that seemed to have a strong influence on the style of writing - at times reminiscent of a witness testimony. If deliberate, it was a clever device: the already disturbing elements of the story - abduction, rape and domestic violence - were emphasised further by the documentary-style narration.